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How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags in 60 Seconds Flat

It’s frustrating when you can’t seem to get rid of those under-eye bags, especially as you age. These little fat deposits make your eyes look droopy and tired no matter how much sleep you get each night, giving the impression that you’re older than you really are. Fortunately, you can reduce their appearance significantly in only 60 seconds, making it easy to look and feel your best at all times of the day and night. And best of all, it’s simple to do with these four easy steps!

The causes of under eye bags

Though there are a number of potential causes for under eye bags, the most common is simply genetics. If your parents or grandparents had them, chances are you will too. Other causes include lack of sleep, dehydration, and sodium retention.

Two steps to getting rid of under, eye bags fast

1. First, take a cucumber and cut it into thin slices.

2 Next, take two slices and place them on your eyes.

3Leave the slices on your eyes for about ten minutes or until they start to feel cool.

4,.After ten minutes, remove the slices and rinse your face with cold water.

5 You should see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your under-eye bags.

One mistake most people make while getting rid of under-eye bags

is not using a product that contains Acyl-Glutathione. This ingredient is key in getting rid of under eye bags because it helps lift and firm the skin around your eyes. Plus, it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. To use, simply apply a pea-sized amount of serum to your clean, dry under eye area and massage in until absorbed. You’ll see results in as little as 60 seconds!

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